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Our company is not a newcomer on the market of transport services. Dealing with VIP transportation for a long period of time we became partners with the five-star hotel «BRISTOL» and hotel «LONDONSKAYА». As the leading hotels of the city of Odessa they are placing the highest demands on the quality of transport services and the provision of high enough grade and level of transport. As partners for a long period, we have properly coped with duties entrusted to us.
We also offer motor transport representation in Odessa International Airport and its VIP terminal. Through a partnership with VIP terminal, we can arrange for you and your friends a VIP pass for arrival and departure.
By placing cars in ODESSA AIRPORT we are ready within 5-10 minutes after your call to give you a decent car with an elegant driver and quality service.
REMEMBER: The pleasure of the money saved lasts much less than the disappointment of poor service!
We want to leave you with a decent impression of ourselves and our wonderful city of Odessa!